Personal Development and Change

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Personal development is strongly tied to change. For example, if we want to gain a certain skill we will need time to study and practice, but time is limited to 24 hours a day. Most of this time is used for other things like sleeping, eating, working and whatever we chose to do in for relaxation. In order to make time for personal development we need to let something else go and thus, make a change.


The easiest way to reduce stress

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Truly understanding stress and its effects may prove to be very difficult, so it’s normal to assume that coping with stress may be equally challenging. Of course, there a number of complex and elaborate (if not highly creative) ways to cope with stress, but there is one method that is a sure win. Before you get over hyped, know that this is not a magical solution and still takes practice and patience, but it is the easiest way to reduce stress.



Stress and perception

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Understanding how people perceive stress is both fascinating and intriguing. Some people will go with the flow and see what happens, others won't be able to stop worrying and some will just freeze and stop doing anything. Of course, this behavior depends on the situation, each person’s perception and the way they are used to managing stress.


The negative effects of stress

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When stress seems too big to overcome or it persists for a long period of time it becomes a real problem. If you have ever searched online for something related to stress you probably saw a rather long and varied list of chronic stress symptoms, ranging from skin rashes to severe mental disorders. While the list is overly generic and may describe a wide variety of illnesses or mental affections it does show that, when stress is overwhelming, it can negatively impact the mind and body in a wide variety of ways.


The benefits of stress

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Life presents us with challenges on a daily basis. Whether it's school, work or relationships we always have something to overcome. These challenges generate worries or fear so, in response to this, we adapted by developing what is commonly referred to as a stress response. In other words stress is our response to inside or outside situations that are threatening us or are making us worry.


There are no magical solutions to life

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When we were children we really wanted to believe that all sorts of magical creatures existed in the real world and some great mystery awaited our discovery and amazement. Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy surely come to mind and all the joy and excitement this imaginary friends brought to our childhoods. But now we are all grown up, and that sense of wonder surrounding the magical world disappeared. Or did it ?


Welcome to LifeTAME

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Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about self-help and personal development so I read a lot of books about these two subjects. Over the years, as my critical thinking developed, I learned to differentiate between magical solutions and practical ones and began thinking I should make something useful to help myself and others. After researching the field and most of the alternative websites out there I came out with the concepts of several personal development software application that, I hope, will prove practical and easy to use. I put it all on paper, and began the long, long road of design and development and a few months later LifeTAME as born. Of course, as I worked in developing the first web site I thought about some really awesome names for every application I wanted to make but, unfortunatelly, all of them were already taken. After a few hundred tries I finally found a domain name that wasn't taken and here we are.